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PCPC 2014 Quality Assurance Guidelines (PDF Download)

$ 500.00 - PCPC 2014 Quality Assurance Guidelines (PDF Download)
$ 1000.00 - PCPC 2014 Quality Assurance Guidelines (PDF Download)
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The Quality Assurance Guidelines provide approaches that cosmetic manufacturers can use for establishing their good manufacturing practices and quality assurance programs. The Guidelines provide a framework for establishing systems and procedures that are necessary to achieve a high level of product quality and avoid problems that could adversely affect the product. ISO Standard 22716 is included as a companion reference document with these Guidelines.

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
List of Figures
ISO 22716 Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices
Annex 1 Personnel and Training
Annex 2 Premises (Facility)
Annex 3 Equipment
Part 1 – Packaging
Part 2 – Processing
Annex 4 Raw Materials and Packaging Materials
Annex 5 Production Control
Annex 6 Finished Products/Lot Identification and Control
Annex 7 Quality Control Laboratory Operation
Annex 8 Treatment of Product that is Out of Specification
Annex 9 Recalls
Annex 10 Subcontractor Quality Assurance
Annex 11 Deviations
Annex 12 Consumer Complaints and Comments
Annex 13 Change Control
Annex 14 Internal Audit
Annex 15 Information Management Systems
Annex 16 Calibration Systems
Annex 17 Sampling
Part 1- General Provisions Sampling Plan
Part 2 – Sampling and Control Techniques
Annex 18 Specifications
Annex 19 Indices of Quality Performance
Annex 20 Evaluating New or Revised Products
Annex 21 New Packaging Quality
Annex 22 Classification of Defects
Annex 23 FDA Inspections
Annex 24 Regulatory Compliance Considerations
Appendix PCMAP Checklist
Glossary of Terms 
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